A Message From tom@rawson.com

If it would be useful to you to use rawson.com as a part of your email address, you can, starting now. Our web hosting service allows email aliases to be established for this account at no extra charge, so I will be glad to create for you a "YourName@rawson.com" email alias. All email addressed to yourname@rawson.com will be automatically redirected to any email address where you currently get your email. Mail sent to your existing account will not be affected at all. The biggest benefit is that you can change your Internet Service Provider and take your email address with you. And of course, some might think it's just a little cool to have a rawson.com address.

Did I mention it? This is free to everyone listed on our "People" page.

There are a few common sense terms, conditions, and limitations.

  1. This free service comes with no guarantees. None at all. Judge for yourself whether there is any risk of loss or potential inconvenience involved before you request an email alias.
  2. If anything goes wrong with your use of this email alias, our sole responsibility to you is to refund your purchase price, which is zero.
  3. The service in general may be discontinued at any time, for any reason. The service may be discontinued for any particular user at any time, for any reason.
  4. Terms and conditions may be changed at any time. This document describes the current terms and conditions as of January 1, 2001.
  5. The email alias service is intended for persons, not companies. One name per person. Rawson.com email names should be a reasonably serious representation of a person's given name. Some acceptable names would be:

    • wendell@rawson.com
    • MikeL@rawson.com
    • Trish@rawson.com
    • buddyjr@rawson.com

    Unacceptable names are like:

    • MrPotato@rawson.com
    • DaZZZapper@rawson.com
    • FreeStockTips@rawson.com
    • T@rawson.com
I hope that's enough. The friendly family explanation is that I am trying to share the use of the domain name "rawson.com" with other Rawsons. My intention is to maintain this domain and this web site and this service "permanently", so long as it is a useful and rewarding experience for all.

You will be asked to give some address and phone number information when you request email alias service. This information is for the purpose of maintaining contact with you in connection with your use of the email alias only and it will not be shared with anyone, ever, nor used for any other purpose. Trust me. From time-to-time, maybe once a year, I will test your alias to see that it is still alive. Other than that, you won't get any junk mail from me.

You want it? You got it! Soon I will set up a web form to take this information, but until I do, the first few users will have to just email the information. Here's what I need:

Click here Tom@Rawson.com to request an email alias.

Best wishes!