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How Many of Us Are There?

What Rhymes with "Rawson"?
A Few Other Names
US Census Surname List
There's no way of knowing, but it is possible to make a half-baked estimate of the number of Rawsons in the United States.

According to the Census of 1990, there were 248,709,873 US residents. The census bureau produced a list showing the frequency of last names. "Rawson" was the 5329th most frequently encountered surname of the 88799 reported, held by approximately 0.002% of the population. So, the number of Rawsons in the United States in 1990 was .00002 times 248,709,873, or

exactly 4974.

The .002% is really plus or minus .0005% for rounding error. So let's say that the true tally was probably somewhere between 3730 and 6218 Rawsons.

The US population has increased to over 281 million in the past ten years. If we have done our part, there may be as many as 5500 American Rawsons today.

According to the 1990 Census, about two-thirds of all Americans carried surnames more common than ours and about a third had last names more rare than ours.

What Rhymes with "Rawson"?

Here are some more names with their order of frequency from the same 1990 Census data:
  • Lawson, 200th
  • Dawson, 307th
  • Clawson, 3071st
  • Rawson, 5329th
  • Slawson, 11629th
  • Mawson, 28596th
  • Glawson, 47282nd
  • Fawson, 73074th

A Few Other Names

  • Rosen, 1634th
  • Ralston, 2616th
  • Rawson, 5329th
  • Rosson, 10431st
  • Rowson, 34844th
  • Rossen, 68496th