Rawsonville, Vermont

August, 2000
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Click! Rawsonville, Vermont is the usual scene of the Rawson Family Association annual reunions.
If you are looking at a spot on the map that says Rawsonville, this is what you will find at that spot.
Near the junction is a tiny fenced area, a monument for the founder of Rawsonville.
It's a tribute to Bailey Rawson. Note the veteran's flag.
Across the highway, a couple of hundred yards away is Bailey Rawson's actual grave. It says that he was a pensioner of the Revolutionary War.
According to Alfred Rawson of Vermont, six generations of Rawsons are at rest in this cemetary. There certainly are a lot of them. This skewed and vandalized stone is for a young Rawson who died in his nation's service in the Civil War.
Back on the other side of the highway again, behind Bailey's monument, there is a (more-or-less) one-room schoolhouse where Rawson reunions are usually held. The inset is of the sign on the building.