Place Names in Britain

Some of this data comes from Ordnance Survey, Britain's national mapping agency.
Name Where What Link Latitude/
================= ================= ================= ========= ============
Rawsons Cumbria Other feature 54° 16.3' N
2° 49.3' W
Rawson Green Derbyshire Village 53° 0.9' N
1° 26.5' W
Rawson Street London SW11 Street Map * ?
Rawson Syke North Yorkshire Other feature 54° 20.5' N
0° 56.8' W

* The name does not seem to be printed on the map. Rawson Street may be one of the four parallel short streets between Strasburg Road and the railroad tracks. This is in the area south of Battersea Park, below and to the left of the intersection of Battersea Park Road and Queenstown Road.