Rawson Places

Places With Nice-Sounding Names

This table was grabbed from the United States Geological Survey. (Thanks, USGS.) The place-name links in the left column lead to location information including maps. Search for other names using their geographic place names gazeteer at USGS Place Names
Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Rawson CA Tehama pop place 400704N 1221136W Gerber
Rawson Canal CA Inyo canal 372102N 1182022W Poleta Canyon
Rawson Canyon CA Riverside valley 333603N 1170138W Bachelor Mountain
Rawson Creek CA Inyo stream 371656N 1182244W Bishop
Rawson Mountains CA Riverside range 334001N 1170116W Winchester
Rawson Mine CO Teller mine 384345N 1050830W Cripple Creek South
Rawson CT Windham pop place 414825N 0720411W Hampton
Rawson School CT Hartford school 414746N 0724203W Hartford North
Rawson Park (subdivision) GA Dougherty pop place 313546N 0841010W Albany West
Rawson-Washington Park GA Fulton park 334442N 0842252W Southwest Atlanta
Rawson Canal ID Ada canal 433332N 1162532W Meridian
Rawson Creek ID Blaine stream 433822N 1135637W Star Hope Mine
Rawson Bridge IL McHenry pop place 421432N 0881254W Barrington
Rawson, Lake IL Bureau lake 411734N 0892227W Depue
Rawson Creek LA Catahoula stream 314932N 0914732W Harrisonburg
Rawson Creek Church LA Catahoula church 314946N 0914851W Harrisonburg
Rawson Creek Oil Field LA Catahoula oilfield 315050N 0914939W Harrisonburg
Rawson Brook MA Berkshire stream 421052N 0731413W Monterey
Rawson Hill MA Worcester summit 421910N 0714238W Shrewsbury
Rawson Hill Brook MA Worcester stream 422002N 0714120W Shrewsbury
Rawson Hill Brook Dam MA Worcester dam 421906N 0714225W Shrewsbury
Rawson Island MA Franklin island 423550N 0723445W Greenfield
Rawson Mill Brook Dam A-4-A MA Worcester dam 421900N 0714218W Shrewsbury
Rawson Mill Brook Reservoir MA Worcester reservoir 421900N 0714218W Shrewsbury
Rawson Drain MI Huron canal 434033N 0831013W Gagetown
Rawson Drain MI Wayne stream 421415N 0832108W Flat Rock NE
Rawsonville MI Washtenaw pop place 421255N 0833306W Ypsilanti East
Rawson Chapel MO Shelby church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Rawson School MO Shelby school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Rawson Cemetery MS Lauderdale cemetery 322322N 0883240W Toomsuba
Rawsonville (historical) MS Lauderdale locale 322245N 0883305W Toomsuba
Rawson Creek NC Carteret gut 344030N 0762935W Horsepen Point
Rawson ND McKenzie pop place 474910N 1033225W Rawson
Rawson Cemetery ND McKenzie cemetery 474909N 1033333W Rawson
Rawson, City of ND McKenzie civil 474912N 1033226W Rawson
Rawson NY Allegany pop place 421917N 0781832W Rawson
Rawson Church NY Allegany church 421955N 0781836W Rawson
Rawson Creek NY Allegany stream 421537N 0781754W Rawson
Rawson Hollow NY Tompkins valley 421958N 0761457W Richford
Rawson Valley NY Allegany valley 421541N 0781746W Rawson
Rawson OH Hancock pop place 405732N 0834703W Rawson
Rawson Park OH Hancock park 410241N 0833937W Findlay
Rawson Woods OH Hamilton woods 390902N 0843125W Cincinnati West
Rawsons Creek OH Huron stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Rawson Ridge PA Potter ridge 413659N 0773931W Oleona
Rawson Run PA Chester stream 395946N 0752713W Media
Rawson Pond RI Providence reservoir 415750N 0712316W Pawtucket
Rawson Pond Dam RI Providence dam 415750N 0712316W Pawtucket
Rawsonville VT Windham pop place 430845N 0725027W Londonderry
Rawson Elementary School WI Milwaukee school 425456N 0875212W South Milwaukee
Rawson Lateral WI Juneau canal 441212N 0901315W Finley
Rawson Park WI Milwaukee park 425505N 0875205W South Milwaukee
Rawson Cemetery WV Jackson cemetery 390330N 0814020W Pond Creek